From the era of open amphitheatres to the present era of enclosed stadiums, there have been several structural shifts in the design and approach to stadium fabrications. Our proven expertise also lies in Stadium structures. We have built Stadium structures that are state of the art. Ranging from steel designs to concrete designs we have mastered the art of fabricating a structure that not only appeals to the eye but is also reliable for decades. We have also worked on concrete designs that are degradable and environment friendly.

Our work on Steel Designs has been focused on structural integrity and frames that are built to last. Not only have they helped in cost reduction but also overall client satisfaction in the industry. Our work on modern stadium structures that are fully roofed has gained appreciation as these enclosed stadiums are gathering wider acceptance in the stadium structure world.


Swimming Pool – Talkatora Stadium for Common Wealth Game 2010 (Year 2009-2010 Approx. 2270MT.)

Actual Site Photo